"Life hands me a journey and says to
me, go figure the lessons, look for the
blessings, then share what you find. 
This is why I give talks.” 

- Virginia McCone

As a speaker, my goal is to inspire, encourage,
inform and humor my audience.

“Heart to heart” speaking is my casual way of
sharing my personal experiences.

Every day the media seems to report an increase in the number of people who suffer with this devastating disease called Alzheimer’s. Caregivers spend years in caregiving efforts for their loved ones. My Mother’s journey was at least twenty years. There is an abundance of technical materials for understanding Alzheimer’s, but where are the personal stories written by someone who has been there? I have a wonderful and heartwarming story to share with my audience.

signingBook signing and speaking:
Butterscotch Sundaes, My Mom’s Story of Alzheimer’s is a simply and beautifully written story that gives an intimate look into the disease that has been called “the long good-bye.” Yet, it’s a story of hope and a must-read book for anyone seeking an understanding of Alzheimer’s. Come Visit Me, is a handbook of practical suggestions on how to visit someone. Perfect for visiting at hospitals, care centers, memory cottages, and assisted livings.

Services offered:
Educational sessions on Alzheimer’s and caregiving, conference speaking, keynote speaking for meetings, events, retreats, conferences, workshops, seminars, support groups, and banquets.

Professional highlights:
Keynote Speaker for Spring Fling Women’s Expo at Worthington 2010. 2009 HOSA presenter at St. Cloud. Life Living Series at New Ulm in 2005. Alzheimer’s Seminar in Oshkosh, WI, 2005. Educator and presenter for an Alzheimer’s six hour workshop for Granite Falls Community & Tech College in 2005. Minnesota Social Service Association Fall Conference Speaker at Hutchinson 2004. Learning is for Life Conference for Region Nine Agency on Aging in Mankato 2003.

Life is not fair, but God is there.   Cherish the Memories.  Butterscotch Caregiving.  These  are just a few of the titles I have used for church events. Actually, I prefer to custom the title to the group and the occasion. 

Inside the mind of Alzheimer’s is an in-service, one hour, educational session for professional caregivers. 
This introspective session focuses on understanding the Alzheimer’s person, the disease and the difficult behaviors.

Small group speaking fee is around $100 per hour plus mileage.  Conference and educational speaking fees vary and are based on length of service, size of audience and distance for travel.

Contact information:
Virginia McCone
12598 Magnolia Avenue
Sanborn, MN 56083



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Phone: (507) 723-5138 Address: 12598 Magnolia Ave., Sanborn, Minnesota 56083